Accountability...When Does The Abuse Stop?

November 11, 2017








At some point this school district has got to be stopped. I understand this happens in a lot of school districts, but when there are several cases in less than one year in one school district...someone has to see a pattern.

Someone has to care...or do they?


After fighting a ten month legal battle with these people I now believe they are boldly arrogant and feel they are untouchable. only God can and will handle this and many other cases brought up against them. I continue to pray more parents come forward and advocate for their children. We send them off everyday believing they will be safe and protected by adults we trust. Our public education trust...but again they are being abused daily. 


When does the accountability start? Seems as if we as parents have to take this a little farther and fight for tougher laws that will hold educators and administrators accountable. Then maybe others will think twice before abusing any of the children in the education setting. I found out there is an underlying understanding that everyone is covered by government immunity.


What isn't realized or spoken of is:

School districts are generally not provided legal immunity against negligence claims for ministerial acts, including failing to protect the safety and welfare of students, particularly if such failure involves disregarding the districts own rules and procedures.


Besides negligence claims arising from ministerial acts, a second exception to school’s legal liability from immunity involves situations where the school or its employees act in a willful or intentional fashion which results directly in an injury. This standard can apply to both ministerial and discretionary decisions. This is often referred to as acting with deliberate indifference to risk.


This is God's timing it will stop!

Until then please share our story and speak up for a change in our education system. This is the future generation!



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