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Ban Seclusion

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

These stories are being told each and every day from all over our great country United States of America!

When will someone speak up and ban seclusion of students?

I know as we read more and more of these stories on social media we Still think ”it wouldn’t happen to me”. I did too.

Although we are in our second investigation and still no help from those who say their organization is funded to do so, we will continue to speak out and being these stories to the forefront. We have to.

My son still suffers tremendously with the affects of being placed in a closet called a “quiet room”.

What 7 yr. old child is going to being quiet after being drugged into a closet and held inside?

We have gone through every stage imaginable of trauma, and taking it one day at a time with a lot of prayer.

I can’t put into words the feeling of being a mother wanting to fight for your child but your hands are tied. To know you have the evidence to fight for these children but no one is willing to stand with you, is so frustrating. However with God’s guidance we will advocate and share and fight to have seclusion banned.

If we do not, we are looking at more and more police shootings and school shootings because schools are training the next generation for it.


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