Has Your School Been Investigated for Discrimination?

After being totally exhausted from literally two straight weeks of late nights, gathering and sorting through piles of files (hard copy), digital, visual and audio recordings, I finally have time to share with you some very important updated information.

For the first time, ProRePublica is providing the status of all of the civil rights cases that have both been resolved and are still pending within the last three years.

Click here to access ProRePublica search engine tool to see if your school district is being investigated for civil rights violations and the reasons why.

REMEMBER knowledge is always key!

Some would say it's "crazy" how things happen at the same time, but I like to say,

"It is amazing how God aligns things in your life when you trust Him to Guide and protect you!"

I received an email the same day I completed providing our proof of such complaints to the U.S. Office of Civil Rights. And I searched both our old and new public school districts to find out more information than I thought.

There has been nine other complaints against our old district but seems as if our two complaints have been the ones to at least push for an investigation. That speaks volumes!

For me, I have to admit it was confirmation! No one would believe how many people try to discourage me from continuing the battle. It is guidance and strength from God that keeps me moving forward.

Having to live a life with a child who was broken mentally but trying to live normal is constant reminder of what happens to him as well as who did this to him.

Because my son has a voice and a story to tell, I have to keep fighting, advocating, I wanted to write this blog to encourage all parents to keep good rewords of your children daily accounts at school.

Because we are still in this legal battle I can't give lots of details but I will say I feel our complaints brought about investigations because of the documentation I have to support the complaint.

Keep good records!

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