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“When Did Restraint, Seclusion & Cool Down Quiet Rooms Become the Norm?”

One of the primary responsibilities of the public education at every level and for each student is the guarantee of safe and secure school environments. Incidents such as Sante Fe and Parkland schools have resulted in a vast array of improvements in school security and security systems, as expected.

The question I have is, when will our public school system begin to focus on the focus on the hazardous and even life threatening incidents due to seclusion and restraints practices?

For the purpose of clarity:

  • Restraint includes holding a student, keeping him/her from moving his/her arms, legs, body or head freely.

  • Mechanical restraint includes any object or device (possibly including furniture or blocking mats) that is used to keep a student from moving when used against the manufacturers intent.

“Blue blocking may used by some schools to prevent student from leaving quiet rooms”

  • Seclusion is involuntary confinement of a student in a room or area from which they are prevented from leaving. Many schools have a designated cool down/quiet room where children are placed in seclusion.

“An example of cool down/quiet room used for seclusion”

In the process of registering my son for a new school district I expressed my concerns about restraint and informed the Special Needs Coordinator I will send a no restraint letter to be placed in his file.

And before I could complete my sentence she said,

"Oh, we restrain in our district as well..."

Are you kidding me? Once again, without any concern for the student or the effects of the use of restraint or seclusion I am expected to accept this Practice as normal. I could not.

Instead I informed her of the effects the use of restraint and seclusion has had on my son as well as the investigation we have ongoing. It was then she became inquisitive because it was the. She realized how serious I take this issue.

We are in our second investigation and we still have not received the support we should by any government entity who claim to represent disabled children and discrimination.

However we will continue to speak out and tell our story and fight for the civil rights of all students.

I solicit your response comments and or support!

This is a battle for all parents!

My fight continues to have the truth documented.

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**This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public

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