Exclusive: Local District sends Disabled Students to School Known for Abuse

It has been sometime since I have blogged but our story never ends.

At a time where I have to decide on what school district to trust with my boys, I and reminded today of the reason public school is not an option.

Once again, students should feel safe at school with teachers. However, students with disabilities are abused daily and sent home to parents who have no idea what is happening.

As a parent whose children were restrained over 39 times and sent home with bruises, where do I enroll my children?

Where are my children safe? What government entity really cares?

Because we can not get any help from the great entities that are SUPPOSE TO PROTECT civil rights, ACLU, DISABILITY RIGHTS OF TEXAS, NAACP ECT...we will continue to speak out publicly I shed some sort of light on this issue.

America is fighting for immigrants and I support that cause, however what about our children in the United States?

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