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“Texas School Shooting...Closer to Home”

Once again...but closer to home. We have to pay attention and find out the “WHY” behind the action! Being a mother of an 8yr old who was restrained and placed in isolation on Houston, I know the mind set of a child who has been broken and bullied by school staff and other students. The emotions behind this treatment causes our children young and old to live in survivor mode. When our school administration ignores the feelings of these students by not addressing what happened...this is what we get...another school shooting. I know this may not get much love or likes, but we have to take into consideration there is a reason for the madness. Yes there may be some mental illness but what caused the mental illness or the negative emotions toward the school or students? I have learned Texas is a state based on money and politics! There has to be a stand for the accountability of the school staff and students! 

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