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“Happy Birthday Alton!”

Happy Birthday to our lil man Alton!

This year he turns 8 years old and I have to say this has to be one of the most special ones yet.

We had no idea we would have a year full of trauma and turmoil but God has guided us through to this point.

Big Sister with Alton

So I want to thank God for a special package he gave to me 8 years ago...without a doubt or question we stepped in Help his mom and dad. And our lives have not been the same since. I know so many parents say that but I speak the truth.

As we celebrate today, I want you all to know what Alton wants for his birthday.

He wants no more racism.

Being a survivor of trauma, fighting everyday to gain his life back, Alton expresses we should love each other!
We came together as a family to keep our family together.

And as we realize this world is full of more hate and racism and discrimination, we feel a need to speak up and make a difference.

Brothers Love

Our battle with our school district is much bigger than us and we know it.
But today we will celebrate this little ones special day! We love you Alton!

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