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“The White House Should be in Texas”

I can’t begin to express the emotions I’m feeling while fighting our local school district for simple accountability for their actions. You would think I was wrong for expecting it, but I am not.


Throughout the last 10 months I have come to the acceptance that the White House should be here in Texas not Washington, D.C. Money and politics run this state on every level. Our local school district ranks high in numbers and weigh heavy in cash flow, hence the reason I thought my two sons whom I adopted would be safe and free from harm…I could not have been more wrong.

The first thing I noticed is the internal cover up by school staff, Superintendent’s office and the school police department, but that’s to be expected since Texas supports government immunity for all those involved. When our news segment got to over 5000 shares and likes on Facebook and youtube is when I begin to realize it truly is about money and politics. It took one day for the news segment to be pulled.

Did they pay them to have it taken down? Not sure.

What I am sure of is the news segment is no longer available online or through the news station and the reporter lied to me directing me to his social media account saying it was posted there. The community activist who said he wanted to help us and actually set up the segment to be recorded, also lied and said he didn’t know it wasn’t on the news archives. I just happen to have recorded it myself and was able to use it to get our story out.

As the fight grew stronger I was lead to file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Civil rights not realizing the retaliation me and the boys would have to endure, just wanting justice from someone or somewhere. Simultaneously, I met with The Disability Rights of Texas attorney who was eager to move forward and recognized so many laws the district had broken. however, she did not believe the Civil Rights Office would investigate or do anything for us. She was wrong. Thankfully thee OCR accepted our complaint and filed four counts of retaliation and discrimination the district on my sons behalf. And the following week I got a call from the attorney frantically saying,

"we don’t know if we will still have an office here come September. I don’t even know if i will have a job. We don’t have the funds to litigate for you…they aren’t going to change their policies…they are restraining students all over the district…”

She had a total different attitude and was backing out of the case. She was not going to shoot our case to their larger litigators as she was so excited to do in our meeting. She just wanted out.

Five months in, I have a visitor at my door…a Child Protective Services investigator. Knowing this is the number one retaliation tactic I am cool until he tells me the accusations! Drugs and Sexual abuse of my babies, oh and I lock them in the closet…something the school district did. I was speechless, but prayerful and ready to keep fighting no matter what. It was a full investigation with drug tests and medical reviews and all, but in the end it was a closed case. The sad thing is Child Protective Services did not care to know what the school had done to abuse my son, even after I was proven innocent. Government entities!

Next, there was the school district police who shows up at my door to “routinely” verify address for students…on a Saturday afternoon at 2pm. The beginning of them trying to set up truancy charges…another great retaliation tactic of theirs. Seems to me more like harassment.

The most obvious reason I feel like this is the home for the White House is the OCR released a Dear Colleague Letter: Restraint and Seclusion of Students with Disabilities, a question and answer document that helps update educators, parents, students, and other stakeholders to better understand the rights of students with disabilities in public and charter schools under Section 504 and IDEA. There are several states mentioned that are being investigated for the very “therapeutic schools” my son is in and they are being sued for discrimination. If the federal government can come down on other states, why are they not looking at Texas for the same thing?

Money and Politics.

We have not gotten the help we are told we should have from the Disability Rights of Texas, The NAACP, ACLU or any other civil rights organization, but refuse to give up on what we know is right. I am filled with emotions that I can not describe in words, because I live every day with the results of what this school district has done to my son. I am grateful for the OCR and their help because it had already made a difference in policies and procedures, but the retaliation is still in full affect.

Today I logged onto Facebook only to learn they have blocked my account for 30 days, this comes after the principal learned her lies were being recorded by me and she was not happy. It is just unreal to think this is where I thought my son would be safe. Instead he is being bullied, threatened by calling the police and made out to be the problem child.

God will prevail in the end. This is not about monetary gain but about a seven -year old little boy who is broken from what adults decided to do. A child with a voice who understands what has happens and will not rest until justice is served.

Money and politics is what this world is about but God created it all and I chose to let God be the one to decide in the end.