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“In Plain Sight…When Bullying is Ignored = Suicide"

Reduced academic achievement, depression, physical health ailments, and worst of all suicide are just a few of the negative affects bullying can have on children. But what happens when these children grow into adulthood? Are they faced with struggles as a result of childhood bullying?

Unfortunately Gabriel Taye’s parents will never know.

As I am praying and researching, seeking directions on how to move forward with our recent bullying complaints with our local school, I stumble across the recent story below.

Footage shows 8-year-old two days before commiting Suicide

My stomach drops while I sitting down and I ca not help but think, “my lil man Alton is 8-years-old next month, being bullied by peers, just as handsome as Gabriel Taye is; however, Alton is scared, broken and humiliated as well.

Comparing the negative affects of being bullied to the negative affects of being restrained and placed in seclusion, I find they are remotely the same.

Knowing Alton is already battling these effects, I more determined not to voluntarily expose him to more trauma, depression and an environment that breaks his self-esteem down daily. Bullying is not acceptable. I have taken the first step by reporting it to teachers and school administration only to be brushed off with,

  • *”Oh, that other student was having a bad day, he found out he was having to move.”

  • “We did not see anything.”

  • “What Alton considers bullying is the peers not wanting to play his way, and the other students are really good at ignoring him when he’s screaming at them.”

  • “They were in PE exercising and the other student accidentally kicked Alton. He apologized though.”

Being a survivor of childhood bullying myself, I know better than to accept an adults explanation as the only truth as the only truth. But the flat-out lies I would never expect over and over and over by adults I trust my child with.

After witnessing my son on the playground with his peers I know he is telling me the truth. The problem is the teachers and staff were not.

I was called and told by the teacher Alton was not following directions for the Speech therapist and he was kicking at them and cussing at them. Knowing I was watching them at the same time as speaking with them, I calmed Alton down enough to deescalate the situation in order for him to wait for me in the front office.

Once i arrived at the school, Alton asked if we could talk outside. It is then he burst into tears saying,

“they said they were going to call the cops on me…they bullied me not letting me get the soccer ball. I don’t wanna go to school no more”.

When speaking to the administrator and teacher, I am given blank faces, lies and nonchalant responses again. And later met with a discipline write-up with a total different story not only from Alton’s, but even of the one I was told.

Thank god I have video of Alton on the playground and voice recordings of the conversation we had.

I will move forward from here and will not be quiet about it.

Bullying is serious!

It nor retaliation will be tolerated.

I am praying for the family of Gabriel Taye, because it could be us. We have to speak up and not grow weary when battling what we know to be what is right.

Our are the children of our future!