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"After the Storms...Back to the Battle"

After the 50 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Harvey, how do you go back to a normal" life?

We have had canceled and rescheduled therapy appointments and rescheduled school/evaluation appointments and everyday life is still chaotic in our city of Houston.

Since the storm my son Alton has began a new medication and now being his 5th day taking it, I have tears in my eyes as I write...I haven't seen this lil boy in over seven months!!

Listening to him wanting to apologize to his best friends and the FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS he spent his evening outside playing with all his friends...was an unbelievable moment. **simple things in life**

Although it seems to be progress, I have learned not to get excited because everything can change in a blink of an eye. I pray we see some type of consistent progress with the defiance behavior....until we do I am left to decide on homeschooling.

At the moment we are awaiting another ARD meeting because the first two days back to school my son was hurt by a student and re traumatized by school staff:( I wish it was easier to get back to normal, but I have to admit it is not.

I know there's a blessing in the storm. Now we have gotten through tropical storm Harvey...I wait for the blessing!! I will be in constant prayer as to where we go from here, because only God can guide us through this. As excited as Alton was to go back to class, he is now afraid of being bullied by other children.

Homeschool or no?