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“How Childhood Trauma Could Be Misdiagnosed for ADHD”

I had to share this information because I realize today’s therapist, psychologists and other physicians do not know or do not have the time to correctly assess and diagnose our children.

I am blessed to have studied psychology and I am always researching and learning more along the way, so when I heard ADHD first come out the mouths of school personnel about my son who is autistic…red flags popped up and I began to pay closer attention.

I am aware once diagnosed with autism, the diagnosis doesn’t go away. You don’t grow out of autism, there is no treatment that will heal autism and there is no medication for autism. On the flip side, there are “other” diagnosis that can be given in order to prescribe medication to help the child focus or calm down.

The most common one is ADHD where a number of stimulants can be taken and sometimes bring about great results. However, when misdiagnosed, the same stimulant medications can create a world is chaos and possibly life long (negative) effects. Leaving a family and child more damaged than doing any good.

My lil man was diagnosed with Severe ODD, Severe Anxiety, ADHD, and Sensory Integration immediately after being restrained and placed in seclusion 39 times in one day. Yes, you heard me correctly. I did not disagree with the psychiatrist, I actually followed all of her recommendations including starting him on Quillivant.

It didn’t take one week before I began to see the terrible side affects!

He was violent, wanting to hurt himself, and in my sons own words, “was crazy”.

When speaking to the psychiatrist again, we were given another dosage to try and left the office feeling like we had gone through an assembly line. Was she even listening? Did she take any of the traumatic incident into consideration? I felt as if like our education system, these children are grouped together and given the “general prescription” used for the disorders under and umbrella.

The facts are…

trauma and ADHD are similar but unless you take the time to document and assess the child a misdiagnosis is easy.


After trying three stimulant meds (Vyvanse, Quillevant, Focalin) and one popular non stimulant (Intuiv), I have decided to trust God and work through the PTSD with intensive therapies and time.

He has nightmares when he takes the medicine, he gets aggressive in language and behavior when he takes the medication and it makes him sick to his stomach.

I’m thankful for the correct diagnosis and finally Cognitive Behavior Therapy because when you know what’s wrong you can fix it.

We as parents have to research, read and be informed! If we do not, we are allowing our children to be damaged. Help them help your child by knowing what is truly going on with them. Make the Dr’s take the time you deserve, so the diagnosis is correct.

And do not be afraid to ask questions, probe at the mind of the person you are trusting to care for your child.

Make them work!

Your children depend on you to protect them and care for them!

**This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public

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