“Black and White”

Riding home from church I listen to the boys talk amongst themselves and I’m thankful for just another day to show them love and help guide them through life. With all the racism in this world today I am reminded my parents did one of the bravest things in their time…got married and had a daughter (me). Now in 2017 I have been blessed with these two handsome boys who parents also did a great thing…for married and gave birth to them both!

It is sad to see what has happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, but I feel it’s just bringing it to the light. I remember when our battle began with the school district for restraining my son I was floored to see the segregation and discrimination going on.


What happened in Virgina is real.

What can we do to stop it?

What can we do to change it? The change begins from within…one person at a time!

I am proud to say “my father was white and my mother was black”…I can say I know what it feels like to experience prejudice on both sides.

And because of my mixed race, I am not afraid to stand for or against either side.

Everyday I find myself saying, “F@&$ -ISD” dealing with the results of (ignorance and racism) restraints and confinement, knowing it could have been avoided.

My son complains everyday of false body pains, he is car sick every time we ride in the truck, flashbacks of each person who did this to him…retaliation to its fullest. Racism is real and it is happening more and more everyday…Virginia is just another reminder.

Our fight in education is a reminder to me that it’s happening and to majority of black male students.

While I am asked to walk away from this fight, I will not! Bullying in any form and especially racism, discrimination and segregation…is zero tolerance!

**This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public



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