Klein ISD review on #Glassdoor: “Hidden evilness and shady policies”

As we come upon the time for school to start I want to remind parents to carefully research the schools you are choosing for our babies. The information is out there and it is important to know who we are leaving our babies in the care of. This is only a piece of what was written by an employee of one of the “great” school districts in our area…

“Klein on the surface is a good solid district. Once you’re inside however, you see the shadiness. If you’re not white and blonde good luck moving up the ladder. The new superintendent Dr. Champion on the surface is a Christian man with high expectations and morals. Once you open your eyes you see he’s just a snake oil salesman.”

The push in special education co teach model is so sad. Students get no real time to work on IEP goals and there is no real collaboration between sped and general ed teachers. The curriculum is the worst. It’s a bunch of resources and suggestions for lessons. It’s not helpful for a new teacher at all. There is no consistency in curriculum. Some schools know what they’re doing and others have no clue. Depending on your campus, there is little to no vertical alignment so you have no idea what you should push your students for or prepare them for. I will say you can get by doing the bare minimum and no one notices.”

I wanted to shine some light on an insiders view of this school district that is rated highly among so many. As parents (myself included) we have to take the time to truly research the schools we choose to register our children. MOST ESPECIALLY those with disabilities. Raising my daughter, I chose to keep her in private school until middle and high school. And then I chose excellent rated, carefully researched schools in Houston, however, she did not have a disability plus she’s a female. What I notice is our young boys are suffering, especially those who are not Caucasian.

I know this story and other reports shining light on and naming school districts will continue to bring retaliation my way, but I ask this question….WHAT’s MORE IMPORTANT?

To me, educating parents is!

Protecting children in the educational setting is!

Not protecting the school districts that are consistently being funded by federal funds! We send our children to school each day believing they are being protected when in actuality they are not.

Our battle has just begun and throughout this battle I will continue to provide as much insight and information I can for those parents who do not know. I will continue to fight for the children who are our future generation yet being harmed by those who desire money and recognition over truth and concern.


**This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public



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