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“The Personal Violent Affects of Restraint and Seclusion in the Education System”

Again I choose to share our Story so other parents are aware of the affects of RESTRAINTS AND SECLUSION ROOMS being used in our education setting.

It is a daily battle to keep my son in a positive mood, away from being violent towards anyone who he feels threatened by. It is NOT an easy task!

Today was a day he was aggressive and violent towards his brother…for no reason he felt his brother was trying to harm him and began fighting him. Being diagnosed with Autism there’s already an aggressive behavior, but after being held in a closet and fighting for his life to get out the flight-flight-freeze mode is 100 times worse. The sad part is this is while on medication! The second medication we have tried.

Now what? I will continue to spend every waking moment researching learning and working with him until we break through. We will continue with Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Talk therapy and pray our way through this.

As much as I would like to be tactful, I will just say it…

Our current American education system, which accepts the free utilization of seclusion and restraint, often treats our children as if they are less than human. As if they cannot feel or be traumatized. As if they do not matter. And the truth is our children DO feel even if they cannot speak for themselves. And they most certainly do matter.

They can learn when taught with compassion and understanding.

They may grow up and change someone’s life someday…even the life of that teacher who shoved their face into the floor and dragged them into a seclusion room.

We should never underestimate our special needs children and their future contributions to society based solely upon a disability.

Yet, by continuing to dehumanize them, we do not treat our future well. Seclusion and restraint has the potential to crush their spirits as well as their very being should they die from the event.

"Despite how well someone is trained, which often they are not, restraint is never without risk' (Haimowitz, Urff, Huckshorn, 2006).

**This article is based on my right to free speech, and is based on information from the public