“Feds Release New Stats on Restraint and Seclusion in Schools”

New Sats Released by Feds on Restraint and Seclusion While checking my emails today I am shocked to see an email referencing Restraint and Seclusion in our school systems. Not because it's happening so often but because the question is, "when will it stop"? We now have a second investigation on our behalf with the United States Civil Rights Office. This time because of the harassment, the bullying and the retaliation from the entire school district. Now, one would think that's awesome...and it would be if we knew it would lead to at least accountability. However, that can not be confirmed. Even though this is the second investigation in one year...same school district, same allegations, sa

"In a Child's Voice"

As the games resume in the largest legal battle we have ever had to face...I listen as my son has flashbacks of being restrained, bruised, bullied and harassed. "Holding back tears, I hear how it has changed him" What is a mother to do? Give up? Stop fighting? He has a voice and deserves to be heard...and because my son(s) can not speak for themselves, I HAVE to keep fighting for them. As much as I want to walk away from it all, I can not. Because EACH and EVERY night/day...in a child's voice I am reminded of what our children are going through. Left broken to mend the pieces together with no accountability, no apology just pain and mental anguish. Here is a look into our life after restrain



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