“Breaking Through Betrayal…Turning Trauma into Trust”

Hello everyone we haven’t updated much since the storm and having to truly decide on homeschool or not. The decision has not been an easy one but we have choose Homeschooling…it’s sad to say but as excited as Alton was to go to school his first two days he witnessed a child get hit and then was hit himself by another student (on both days)…and while at the nurse office saw more “quiet rooms” which caused flashbacks and traumatic responses. Although this school is suppose to be a therapeutic one, there is not much therapy going on. When Alton’s response from the quiet room” triggers was that of fight-flight-freeze, instead of calming the situation, the staff created a hostile one…in turn crea

"After the Storms...Back to the Battle"

After the 50 inches of rain from Tropical Storm Harvey, how do you go back to a normal" life? We have had canceled and rescheduled therapy appointments and rescheduled school/evaluation appointments and everyday life is still chaotic in our city of Houston. Since the storm my son Alton has began a new medication and now being his 5th day taking it, I have tears in my eyes as I write...I haven't seen this lil boy in over seven months!! Listening to him wanting to apologize to his best friends and the FOR THE FIRST TIME IN MONTHS he spent his evening outside playing with all his friends...was an unbelievable moment. **simple things in life** Although it seems to be progress, I have learned not



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