“How Childhood Trauma Could Be Misdiagnosed for ADHD”

I had to share this information because I realize today’s therapist, psychologists and other physicians do not know or do not have the time to correctly assess and diagnose our children. I am blessed to have studied psychology and I am always researching and learning more along the way, so when I heard ADHD first come out the mouths of school personnel about my son who is autistic…red flags popped up and I began to pay closer attention. I am aware once diagnosed with autism, the diagnosis doesn’t go away. You don’t grow out of autism, there is no treatment that will heal autism and there is no medication for autism. On the flip side, there are “other” diagnosis that can be given in order to

“Black and White”

Riding home from church I listen to the boys talk amongst themselves and I’m thankful for just another day to show them love and help guide them through life. With all the racism in this world today I am reminded my parents did one of the bravest things in their time…got married and had a daughter (me). Now in 2017 I have been blessed with these two handsome boys who parents also did a great thing…for married and gave birth to them both! It is sad to see what has happened in Charlottesville, Virginia, but I feel it’s just bringing it to the light. I remember when our battle began with the school district for restraining my son I was floored to see the segregation and discrimination going on

“The Personal Violent Affects of Restraint and Seclusion in the Education System”

Again I choose to share our Story so other parents are aware of the affects of RESTRAINTS AND SECLUSION ROOMS being used in our education setting. It is a daily battle to keep my son in a positive mood, away from being violent towards anyone who he feels threatened by. It is NOT an easy task! Today was a day he was aggressive and violent towards his brother…for no reason he felt his brother was trying to harm him and began fighting him. Being diagnosed with Autism there’s already an aggressive behavior, but after being held in a closet and fighting for his life to get out the flight-flight-freeze mode is 100 times worse. The sad part is this is while on medication! The second medication we h

Klein ISD review on #Glassdoor: “Hidden evilness and shady policies”

As we come upon the time for school to start I want to remind parents to carefully research the schools you are choosing for our babies. The information is out there and it is important to know who we are leaving our babies in the care of. This is only a piece of what was written by an employee of one of the “great” school districts in our area… “Klein on the surface is a good solid district. Once you’re inside however, you see the shadiness. If you’re not white and blonde good luck moving up the ladder. The new superintendent Dr. Champion on the surface is a Christian man with high expectations and morals. Once you open your eyes you see he’s just a snake oil salesman.” The push in speci



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